Tambours de feu

Aker the devil of the witches’ coven, is wandering the streets. He and his retinue of percussionists travel through villages and towns.


Symmetry, Displacement, Fire. These three words are the common bases of the company, each closely linked to its culture and history. The approach does not eliminate differences, on the contrary, confrontation symbolic turns into energy, aesthetics, surprise, fireworks, proximity in the movement: contact with the audience is total.

SENTA Adrift

SENTA. ADRIFT. Bringing together two of the longest-running street-theatre companies in the Basque Country, HORTZMUGA TEA- TROA & DEABRU BELTZAK, to create a travelling musical show – a collective theatrical party to celebrate the streets at night.
Senta. A street-opera for sleepless nights.