Tambours de feu

Aker the devil of the witches’ coven, is wandering the streets. He and his retinue of percussionists travel through villages and towns.

Danbor Talka

After many years spent traveling the world with their amazing drum and fireworks shows, the Basque company DEABRU BELTZAK (ES) and the company LES COMMANDOS PERCU (F) combine their talents and know-how with a clear objective: to reclaim the streets.   Dossier pdf  


Su a Feu

Based on urban dance, fire and rhythm, SU À FEU explores urban space from a fantastic new angle. In SU À FEU peculiar characters reminiscent of beings from the future invade the street, transforming it into a space where modern rituals involving movements from daily life blend with rhythms from different parts of the world and primitive fire.